Using HTSF

Watch the clip above:

Frequencies for Healing:

Using HTSF (Healtone Sound Formula) is very easy           (Specific instructions will be sent to your email).

Follow the steps given below to know how frequencies can be used for healing purpose.

1. Find your illness/condition's sound formula,

specify your gender, age and weight and purchase your HTSF.

2. Download your sound formula and PDF instructions from the links that we will send you by email.

3. Set your pc/smartphone/mp3 player to loop/repeat mode(*) and adjust the volume to a moderate level.

4. Listen for 5 minutes twice a day. Use earphones.

5. Use your sound formula for as long as you need it (**).



HTSF can be stored and run on most sound devices: PC+Mac; MP3/4; Most cellphones; iPhone; iPod; Ipad; PDA; CD; USB etc.

(*) Clear instructions will be included in the email that you will receive.

(**) Healing process duration is individual and might vary from one person to another.


For further information please consult our FAQ, or contact us.  


Please refer to our non-medical statement