Hearing ringing, buzzing, or other sounds without an external cause. Tinnitu Can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head. It is usually described as a ringing noise, but in some patients it takes the form of a high pitched whining, buzzing, hissing, humming, or whistling sound, or as ticking, clicking, roaring, "crickets" or "locusts", tunes, songs, or beeping. It has also been described as a "whooshing" sound, as of wind or waves.


Tinnitus is a symptom caused by variety of fundamental causes such as: wax or fluids accumulation in the ear, ear infections and nasal allergies. Sudden blasts or extreme volume noises might also evoke Tinnitus. There are also medications that might cause Tinnitus as indicated-side effects. The most common cause for Tinnitus is hearing deterioration coming naturally as a result of aging. Related subjects: acoustic trauma, blow to ear, blow to head, ear injury, ear trauma, head injury, head trauma, hearing impaired, hearing impairment, hearing loss, hearing problems, injury to the ear, loud noises, nonvibratory tinnitus, otosclerosis, presbycusis, ringing in the ears. 


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