Listen to the sound of your body!

if you close your eyes and concentrate on finding the sound that your body emits, pretty soon you would notice a whistle-like hum, a specific tone which does not come from outside but rather originates internally.

It can be a continuous sound or an interrupted one; sometimes it is a single tone and at other times it is a few tones together combined. 

It is no mere coincidence that the nature of Healtone's healing sounds reminds us of the nature of the sounds heard during such an experiment.We can easily observe that during illness, or during certain emotional/mental states, the nature of the sound we hear changes. The reason for this is simple-these sounds express directly what is happening in our body and mind.

Healtone's healing sound formulas and therapy are based on assessing these typical frequencies or waves emitted by our body (and brain) when suffering from a specific illness, to address the needed converse sound frequencies to heal and recover it. 

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