What is HTSF?

HTSF- Heatone sound formulas - are healing frequency formulas, used by leading vibration and resonance therapies clinics around the world. These frequencies, converted by Healtone's technologies into sound, designed to modify and balance the frequencies of your illness, and therefore the illness itself. While listening to Healtone's sound formulas your body absorbs the healing frequencies that are needed to balance your illness, and the healing process occurs. HTSF-_HealTone_Sound_Formula_2.jpg
You could  say  that HTSF  actually addresses  the imbalances frequencies  caused  by illness and say to them:"Return to balance. Return to health. Return to your natural state."


Each HTSF is uniquely adapted to a specific illness, symptom, or condition. Some HTSF's carry a single sound frequency, while others contain more than twenty frequencies.

HTSFs are adapted to over 1,200 specific illnesses, and are suitable for both mental and physical conditions.

Healtone's leading technology allows benefiting from the healing properties of sound on-line and in the convenience of one's own home. Healtone sound formulas can be played on almost any sound device: pc+mac; mp3/4; IPhone; IPod; I pad; Most cell phones.


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