The Healing Power of Sounds

HTSF_Process_3.jpgIt is common knowledge that already in the ancient world sound was used for healing. However, recent technology has developed incredibly precise, reliable and effective instruments, enabling us to use sound frequencies to address specific illnesses and conditions and restore their balance. Healtone sound formulas are actually a conversation between a specifically calibrated sound frequency and your illness. It may be the most important conversation you could be having.


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HTSF_ATTACKS_VIRUS_illustration.jpg Every illness produces specific and characteristic frequencies. These frequencies can be accurately measured and by applying the converse sound frequencies, they restored to their normal range. In this way,

your health is brought back into balance.



Although scanned frequencies of the same illness are identical in their frequency patterns, they may vary slightly from one person to another. These variations are relatively minor and are covered by the HTSF product, which addresses the illness frequency as a whole. HTSF must, however, be adapted to the gender, age, and weight of the user.


DOWNLOAD_HTSF_2.jpgThanks to the Internet we can reduce overheads, and offer our HTSF range at affordable prices. HTSF products are very simple to use, and for the most part requires only a few minutes of listening every day. In most cases the balancing results are immediate, and are always free of any harmful side-effects.


MEDIA_for_HTSF.jpgHealtone's leading technology allows to benefit from the healing properties of sound on-line and in the convenience of one's own home. Healtone sound formulas can be played on almost any sound device: pc+mac; mp3/4; IPhone; IPod; Ipad; Most cell phones.


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