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It’s quite unbelievable how your sound therapy works so well. I am 57. Three years ago I was diagnosed with "Parkinson." There have been several Parkinson cases in my family and the doctors say it’s probably hereditary. Medications used to be quite effective with minor symptoms. As a side effect I became anemic and my wife says I sometimes get deluded and imagine things that are completely nonexistent. Last year things got worse. My muscles became rigid and walking was much slower. One morning my daughter asked me to listen to some sounds.

I remembered I was reading something on the Internet about a German scientific research on healing impact of music on Parkinson patients and I looked for it again, very interesting:
Stimulating music increases motor coordination in patients afflicted with Morbus Parkinson
I started listening to your sounds. At first it sounded to me like a FAX machine…but after few days I noticed I am feeling better. My walking became easier and now it’s even better than a year ago.... I go out more often and can walk with the dog again and listen to the sounds on my iPOD while walking. The medications stayed the same so I definitely give all the credit to Healtone sounds.
I am wholeheartedly grateful to you for these wonderful sounds.

David Clark (Des Moines, Iowa)  

I am Greg,

I have Biliary cirrhosis (P) due to my heavy booze. I was also diagnosed for Hepatitis. The sounds for both are literary the only treatment I had and lab tests do not lie. All params have come to a normal level.

Really great.

I am still on the pint, but 80% less.

Greg Moran (Gallway, Ireland)




My name is Ronald Guarez.

Unfortunately I got Mumps at the age of 34.

I was quite anxious of having Orchitis and becoming infertile.

A specialist told me that I will definitely go through Orchitis, yet he was not sure about the damage it might cause.

A friend of mine recommended adding the mumps (including the vaccine) and Orchitis sounds. I started playing it and to my great and pleasant surprise I didn't fall into Orchitis at all.

The Mumps symptoms weren't pleasant, but I went through the illness unharmed.

Thanks Ronald, (Santa Cruz, CA)


Dear Madam/Sir,

"I was reading about your sounds in a medical forum about healing by frequency. I am taking Arcoxia on a regular basis, but it was not so effective at night and the pains bothered me a lot. I downloaded the Arthritis sound and started listening to them. After one day I was able for the first time to sleep a whole night without pains. I bought an MP3 player with a sleeping timer and two small speakers. I put it on at night for 20 minutes before I fall asleep. I almost never wake up by the pains ever since.
Thank you very much for your help.

Beth Emma Mott (Arkansas)



Dear Healtone team,

My sister suffers from permanent visual damage as a result of Glaucoma and infectious eyes. Her Glaucoma pace is of course the main concern.
She was using the Glaucoma and the Eye disorders sounds and there is no doubt that the Glaucoma has significantly slowed down. We have no illusions about where this all will end, and still any delay is a blessing.

Thak you

Gail Smith, (US, Dallas TX)


I suffer from GRED for quite a long time. Drugs do calm it down, still it always bugs be even at night. I am using the GRED sounds for three months like a devout and the results show that it was worth every second with my head-set on. I am feeling much better. The unpleasant acidic sensations are almost gone now.

 Thank you, 
Keren Beinvold (Phoenix, AZ)



Dear Madam/Sir,

My name is Graciela Orleano,

I was born and raised in the US and I live in Brazil.

I suffer from weak bones that tend to break since early childhood. The reason is unknown, yet they suspect it started at my mom's womb where for some reason my bones grew with insufficient nourishment. I was looking for similar cases and found our that they are rare. However the bone problems I have are common to my condition with mainly bandings and fractions. I receive permanent conventional treatment and it helps to a certain extent. I have been listening to your sounds for Bone Trauma and Bone regeneration and I know now for sure it is a great supplement that somehow does a very good job is strengthening my bones. At first I though it might be only a subjective reaction, but it isn't. It is really an important part of my treatment.

Warm regards,

Graciela Oliveira (Campinas, Brazil)



Caro Healtone,my name is Domenico, after one week of using the sound formula for quitting smoking I haven't had one cigarette. I must admit that I was quite stunned by the fact that these sounds can help quitting smoking. The most strange thing that happened to me is that I now feel cigarette smoke quite repulsing. Its such a great freedom now unloading all this addictive burden.

Domenico Ferrari (Rome, Italy)



Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is Adrienne Legrand. My father has ALS for two years now. About six months ago his legs and his left hand came to a complete paralysis leaving him to function with one hand, limited pelvis motion and good head motion. A friend mailed me a link to your site and told me to look for the ALS file. I downloaded it and plugged a disk-on-key to my father’s sound system. Two days later he called me and said “I am feeling my feet again, I’m sure it’s the sounds you gave me.” I told him that I was reading that there are ALS patients whose functions temporarily get better. He said “No I am positive it’s the sounds.” A month later he started moving the left palm just a little bit. I also downloaded a paralysis sounds for him. So far there was no further deterioration and the doctor says it is a good sign that the illness progress is slower than he thought.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your business.

Adrenne Leroy (Montpellier, France)


My name is Sergey. My mother has Raynauds HAVS. Her hands condition was terrible. She got this problem because she was working many years ago in factory in Russia on a drill machine with vibration. Her pain is very strong and she takes much medicines. She tried many things. I found your sounds on link of Russian website and bought the formula for Raynauds. I put it on a CD and she hears it at home every day. After one week she said to me that the pain is much lower and she moves fingers better. The sound has good affectivity on her condition…

Thank you,

Sergey Osokin (Novosibirsk, Russia)




This is just great. I could not believe these weird sounds could do anything but they actually did a great job. I always used to have strong headaches in the mornings. I tried everything - prescribed and natural, but the headaches did not go away. The first time I listened to your sounds was in the evening before I went to bed and in the morning I woke up surprised that I had ZERO headaches…. Now I have no headaches AT ALL!!! I do not take any pain killers any more. The only thing I do is listening to the sounds every night.

Thank you so much
Suzanne.Willson (Bismarck, North Dakota) 



Dear Madam/Sir,

I am using your sounds for breast cancer for over three months now. Two years ago I had 6 chemotherapy sessions with 5FU and Adriamicine. About four months ago I had my regular blood test that showed high markers like I had before the operation and the chemo. My oncologist sent me to MRI scan. It showed clear pre-cancer indications on my Liver. I was devastated for I knew that liver cancer is incurable. The doctor said its better to start another series of chemotherapy. I was broken.

I started looking for help on the WEB and found your site. I downloaded all four sounds for breast cancer and started playing them at any time I could. After three weeks I went to the hospital for preparatory checkups for the chemo. They took another blood test and it turned out that my markers were normal. The doctor there suggested I have another MRI scan.

I had to wait for the scan and in the meantime I kept on listening to the sounds. The second MRI showed no pre-cancer signs. They compared the two scans and said that there was a definite disappearance of those pre-cancer signs. They decided to suspend the chemotherapy and let me have monthly blood tests, well what can I say I believe a "thank you" would be an understatement..


Roberta  Evans (Springfield,Illinois)


Dear Healtoners,

Our daughter has suffered from severe Acne with terrible blisters and wounds on her face. We tried many ways of treatment with very limited success. While looking for Acne solutions in medical forums we came across your HealTone site and bought the HTSF for Acne. She started playing the sounds for 5 minutes every day and after few days we saw that the severe red inflammation signs became smaller and less reddish. She was very happy about it and kept on playing the sounds. Her Acne is much better now and the cosmetician says it is in a healing process and will go way completely in few months…

We deeply thank you for your ingenious work.

Laura and Eddie Miller ( Montgomery,Alabama)




I would like to share with you my satisfaction with your sound treatment.

I am 36 years old and suffer from Fibromyalgia symptoms for seven years! I think I have had it all: pains, fatigue, heavy sleep disturbance, depression and anxiety. Over the years I have been using "Gabapentin", "Mirapex" and "ReQuip" along with many alternative treatments and psychological therapy. None of the above has ever really helped.

Last week I bought your sound for Fibromyalgia symptoms and Holy Heavens it really helps. I am sleeping much better, my pains are milder, and it turns out that my depression and anxiety are....almost nonexistent. (Maybe it is because I sleep much better). Anyhow, what is there to say. If its going to stay like that, you have got yourself a very happy and satisfied customer and so far if I may say, I literally got not less than my life back.

Thank you!

Adela Russell (London, England)




I downloaded your Fibromyalgia sounds two weeks ago. My main symptoms are muscles stiffness and strong pains in my left leg. Three months ago I started having annoying tooth pains. My dentist said there was nothing wrong with my teeth. He x-rayed me and found nothing. Still this toothache was driving me crazy. My rheumatologist said it is a known Fibro. phenomena. I listened to the sounds twice a day as you recommended. After 3-4 days the toothache completely disappeared.

It did not have effect on my muscles, but the sharp pricks in my leg are almost gone and the pain became kind of round and more bearable. Yesterday I bought your acute pain sounds and I really hope it helps me as well. Thanks. 

Ryan Johnson (Melbourne, Australia)




I want to give this direction of frequency sounds a real applause.
This is the right direction to go.

Here is one example:
Disruption of Cancer Cell Replication by Alternating Electric Fields

This research has been done in a distinguished institute - the Faculty of Medicine, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
It is a very detailed report showing how cancerous cells are being destroyed when exposed to certain frequencies.

Keep up the good work.

Dr. David Miller (LA,CA)



Dear Madam/Sir, please publish the following on your website:

My name is Abdulla Al-Kazaz, my daughter has been recently diagnosed as ADD. Unfortunately this was done in a late phase at the age of 17. A psychologist told us that this is often the case with quiet and shy girls. She started receiving Ritalin and her concentration has gone up rapidly, but she had this total collapse after school hours and after 6 months she stopped taking it besides during exams. Three months ago my nephew found the ADD sound and my brother bought it for my daughter. She started listening on a regular basis and after a week she told me she was much more focused and more concentrated.

As you may understand I did not really believe it, but after a while I came to a definite standpoint that this is real and right now I want everyone to know it. The bottom line is: it is safe and it really works.

Abdulla Al-Kazaz (riyadh,Saudi Arabia)



My name is Kartik Gubta, I am from assam region-India .

I have Epilepsy since I was 12 and in my case there is no effect to antiepileptic drugs so for many years I had very frequent attacks even three times a month. This was really poor life quality because my attacks are quite 'dramatic', they are quite long and I usually urinate and hurt my lips.

At the beginning of 2006 I received a sound file for Epilepsy and started listening. Since that day I never had a single attack!!! I keep taking my medications, but the doctor has reduced them after the first years the attacks stopped.

This is really a miracle and it's unfortunate that patients do not know about your sounds.

Kartik.G. (Ahmedabad, India)



My daughter, 12, is finally diagnosed as ADHD . It was hard to tell what she has because as the doctor told me, apparently ADHD girls are less active externally and therefore it is hard to diagnose them as ADHD . Anyway she started taking Ritalin on last May and no doubt it brought her back to track at school.

The issue is that Ritalin is doing one job quite well and that is great 4-5 hours at school , but it does not treat other problems such as lack of attention and poor concentration after school and during vacations.

My question was if there are there are any other means to help her be more focused during vacation ? Even when she does not need to learn, I can see she is sitting and doing nothing just because she cannot focus.

We started looking for help in natural healing and came across your Sound Frequency treatment for ADHD. She started using it and today after 5 minutes she
listens to the sounds she can sit and read something for 30 minutes with no interruption and that happens now during vacation when she doesn't take Ritalin .

Now I can see that she can become more focused without any drug, but it is for short period of time and I am looking for treatment that will help her raise her entire level of concentration.

I asked a natural healer and he said that in time the frequency treatment will help her raising her level of concentration, but it can be a long


Ruth.E (Sacramento, CA) 




My husband suffers from hearing loss in both ears. It has been accompanied by ringing ears. We went to an ENT specialist and he said that at my husband's age there is practically nothing to offer as a cure. We went to an acupuncturist and he recommended listening to the Healtone sounds.

He tried it for about 3 weeks and without any significant results, but then it started to take a very positive effect. The riggings disappeared and my husband said he could here better.


That's a miracle and we both wish to thank you.


Meredith and Steven Blumenthal (Columbus, Ohaio) 


I also posted this message on some med-forums

During my practice I have closely seen the potential power of sounds to heal and have come to deeply realize how precisely tuned sound frequencies can create an enormous positive impact.

I am using the term sounds and not music because music has some disadvantages as a mean of healing, because it is subject to harmony rules that do not necessarily carry the precise sound frequencies needed for a particular case. Well tuned sounds, however, are aimed only at their healing target.

The reason I am posting this message now is related to your Hypertension sounds.

I have tried that set of sounds on three of my patients, who were not reacting so well to a plurality of medications and after a short period of time of listening, they have reached a normal blood pressure level.

That, from my standpoint, is a very good indication to real knowledge in sound production and high level of QA your company has.

I really appreciate your practice.

Robert.M (seattle)


p.s. This link to the governmental site NCBI shows strong support in this direction.



Past year I was diagnosed for Bell's palsy with acute facial nerve paralysis on left side. I had serious problems with blinking and closing the eyes, smiling, salivation and more. I was treated with prednisone, and also with acupuncture, and I got better, but improvement stops at uncomfortable point. Last months I start listen to your Facial Paralysis sound 5 minutes twice a day and I was surprise from the significant improvement.

In short I can say that all symptoms are much better now, and one can hardly tell I suffer from any Facial Paralysis. Althogh my situation is not 100% perfect I am really impressed by power of your sound. You really should advertise more to let more people know about you.

Igor Fedoseev (Moscow)




My name is Miriam and I am from Israel.

2 month ago I discover I suffer from flu (virus  type A).
My O.M.D suggested I listen to your sound (along with some acupuncture he treated me with). After 5 days all the symptoms completely gone.

My doctor said "I told you". So now it's my turn to tell you "Thank you".

I did not realize that sound can heal. It is a good surprise.


Miriam Cohen (Petach Tikva, Israel)


Dear HEALTONE managers,

I wouldn't be overreacting by saying that your sound for Tinnitus has literally rescued me. I was suffering from terribly annoying Tinnitus for twenty years with varying beeps & hums that has never let go not even for a minute. There wasn't a single medical treatment I have skipped, yet nothing has helped!

Two months ago I found your site while searching for alternative cure for Tinnitus and I downloaded your sounds for Tinnitus. At first it didn't seem to do anything, but after a week I noticed that I had a 20 minutes pause with complete silence. I kept on listening and two weeks ago, after six weeks of using the sounds, all beeps & hums were completely gone.

I have had the most pleasant and peaceful 15 days in the last twenty years.

Thank you and God bless you.

Lena Fischer (Hamburg, Germany)


Dear Sirs,

My son ( 39 years old) was diagnosed with Mumps and was in great pain. He had seriously swollen throat glands and he looked really bad. He was unable to eat, and took pain killers all the time.

I had very positive experience with your headache sounds so I suggested he uses the sounds for Mumps and he agreed. It took three days of listening to the sounds, and then he started eating again, the swell has shrunk by two thirds and a few days later he was out of bed.

Emily W. Baron (Charlotte, North Carolina)



I am Gunter Vismuler from Dusseldorf.

I want to congratulate you about the HTSF for the back pains. It is a miracle for me now.

I tried it for some days as anecdote, but it is so helping for my back pain that I want to tell everyone about it.

I had pains in the back from very many years. I was taking Physiotheraphie for long periods with medium success.

After I start the HTSF, it is a big big change of life for much better.

Congratulations and many many thanks.

Gunter Vismuler (Cologne, Germany)



In the past winter my son was diagnosed for H1N1 swine flu virus. He had no background illnesses and nothing chronic. Still his flue was devastating. He is a born naturalist and he wanted us to find anything nonconventional we can find for H1N1.

The only handy thing was your sound so I bought it for him. He was listening almost all day long and he said he started feeling much better after a few hours.
The Doctors were surprised by his quick recovery.

I am still having my doubts, but surely facts are facts.


Brenda Katuzzo, (Philadelphia , PA)


This really works. I suffer from acute lower backache…. I used two sounds on your list and it eased the pain tremendously and relieved the tension around my waist….

 Good Work, 
Aranka.l (Miscolc, Hungary)


Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to share with you my feeling of gratitude.

I am pregnant for the first time. 4 weeks ago, on my 22 week, a blood test discovered that I have Rubella.

I was suffering low fever, swollen glands, and red rash for some days. The big problem was that I have not been vaccinated or previously caught the disease. After my doctor told me the danger I was in some panic. The doctor gave me some general western medication (for pain and fever) and some antiviral herbal; I also took some homeopathic remedy (Belladonna).

But to tell you the truth I have a strong feeling that your sound (which I found in the internet) was the real reason that I got over it. (I also used your sound for immune system). I know it because I could really feel the process of healing while I was listening to the sound.
Thank you, and thank god of course. I am ok now, and very relieved.

Adrijana Bulatovic (Belgrade)


Dear site manager,

I was diagnosed for Interstitial Cystitis,
I was suffering from extremely annoying frequent urination. I also had bladder ulcers. Drugs did some relieve, but the IC  symptoms kept retuning again and again.

One day I stumbled upon you site and downloaded the IC sound file without having any positive expectations.

To my astonishment I immediately started feeling much better , which was quite strange for me. I don't really know what's your trick is, but no doubt it is tangibly beneficial.

Max Weinor, NYC




It's been 2 weeks since I first started to use your sound for pain healing and it really helps. I am 44 years old now.

Since I was about 20 I suffer a lot from pain in my arms. It is not a constant pain but rather a come and go one, but still on daily basis. Doctors (east or west stile) could never find out the reason, but this fact did not prevent them from giving me all kind of pills (mainly pain killers that though dazed some of the pain, had a lot of side effect).

Some diets I tried did not bring much cure too. I decided to try frequency healing and learned about your site. Now that I am listening to the pain healing sound every night and day, the pain is almost gone. At last I found something that really works, at least in my case, and I thank you for that. Pity it took so many years.

Borreco Vitor (Lisbon, Portugal)



Hi there

I have eaten bad meat and got severe intestinal infection.
They took samples and ran a lab test in which they found it positive for E. coli -strain O157H7.

The doctor told me that diet and rest will make it go within a week. Unfortunately the inflammation has stayed for ten days with no improvement. The doctor said that Antibiotics will not eliminate E.coli and in some case it might make things even worse.

I started Googleling for alternative remedies and entered you site. I downloaded the E. coli -strain O157H7, and the Bacterium Coli sounds and started listening.

The next day I felt it was all over. All abdominal pain and bad stomach symptoms were gone. I think that's really superb.

I appreciate your business.

John Oliphant, NJ US



I'm a 34 year old male, I don't smoke or drink (but wine) neither I use any drug. 3 months ago I was informed that a CT of my chest showed an enlarged thymus gland. I've suffered from pain, fatigue and breathing difficulties most of the time. Luckily biopsy I made found out that the enlargement of the thymus was not cancerous. I decided on my own to first try an alternative way of treatment.

I learned to know there are many of those, but I followed a friend advice that had a very good experience with you (on a different problem) and start listen to your sound. Amazingly (or not) a recheck I made showed that my gland went back to a normal size. after 3 weeks of listening (10 minutes twice a day).

With it stopped almost completely all the symptoms I suffered from. This was about a month ago and still is the case. My question is, should I continue using the sound, and if so for how long?

André Pelletier (Nimes, France)



Dear all at Healtone,

Six months ago I was diagnosed for a stage four lung cancer. I had tumors and metastasis in both my lungs.  It had also spread to my bones and to my prostate. I've been through radiation and harsh chemo. Nothing was really helping. A good friend of mine told me about your site, and said that I must try it. Well, it works. I have been using three different sounds for cancer, for seven weeks now (to be honest, I am playing it all twice as long as the recommended time). Yesterday I got my latest lab and CT scan results. It appears that my cancer is in a shriveling path. Also my prostate PSA is back to normal. I don't know how it works, but it surely does work. When my doctor called he was happy for me (though he tried all kind of explanations). I'm telling all my friends about your site. THANK YOU All FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

Joshua Wilson (Canberra, Australia)



Hello Healtone.

How are you folks?

My name is Richard. Ten days ago while working on fixing my roof, my arm was  badly injured. I had a two inches long  bleeding cut. It's was also deep enough alright.

After dressing the wound with an  antibiotic paste, my daughter (who is an alternative therapist herself ) suggested that I listen to one of your sounds for skin healing and I did.

The reason I am writing to you now is to make a point by saying that I was really surprised by my cut's fast recovery. It seems your sounds work and it's surely good to know about that.

Richard Miller (Montgomery, Alabama)



Dear madam/sir

My Tinnitus immerged after a car accident I had three years ago. Doctors said it is temporary, yet it was there to stay.  A few weeks ago. I found a forum recommending your sounds.

I have tried white noise and other sounds before, but it all brought a very short term relief.
I downloaded the Healtone Tinnitus sound and started listening twice a day.
After a few days I started experiencing long moments of silence. It kept getting better till the ringing was almost gone and stopped bothering be.

I really want to thank you for that.

Isaac Meadows (New York .NY)





I had a serious issue with stomach acid. At night I would have to prop myself up with a pillow to keep the acid from burning my esophagus. Even being propped up with a pillow the acid still made sleeping very uncomfortable. During the day, it was so bad, I had trouble concentrating on my work. My doctor gave me a prescription for Prevacid (which didn't work) and then for Nexium (also did not work).

I came across your website and figured I couldn't go wrong for $14.95. I followed the listening instructions for one week and my problem disappeared. It's been about two months now and the problem has not resurfaced.

I'm so greatful for your product. Prior to finding HealTone, I suffered for years and now it's a miracle that I can sleep through the entire night.

Thank you so very much!!

Melina Popescu (Iasi, Rumania)



I have been struggling with my weight since I was a child and was diagnosed with low thyroid in college, and I have noticed since using the HTSF, I have already experienced extreme reduction in weight fluctuations and improved mood. I am naturally craving healthier food and I am increased in energy and hope to be able to lose more weight through diet and exercise.

Thank you very much.

Jaalah DuPont ( Newark ,NJ)


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