Moran Even (Dip.Ac.Brt) Expert Advisor is HealTone's chief frequencies consultant and advisor, and a valuable member of our international team.

The director of a leading acupuncture, bio-resonance and frequency healing clinic in Tel Aviv, Israel, alternative medicine physician Moran Even has an international reputation in the field of frequency healing, and runs frequency healing workshops in Europe. Moran Even: "When I first encountered Healtone's technology I was very impressed with how the field of frequency healing had been adapted to the Internet, enabling all to benefit from the healing properties of sound, from the comfort of their own homes.


Sound Healing Technology

M_even_Clinic.jpgHealTone's sound healing technology is at the cutting edge of this field. In fact, I use the same frequencies used in HealTone sound formulas in my own clinic as part of my physical vibration therapies.


Although it is true that many patients still need more personal treatment, often involving a combination of several treatment approaches, there is no doubt that many others could benefit from the healing sound formulas system offered by HealTone.


HealTone sound formulas contain about 1,200 specific formulas for specific illnesses. However, I would encourage all to experience the outstanding general alternative healing properties of HealTone, regardless any specific condition. Here are a few formulas for preventing illness and improving overall health":

Body frequency guard

Circulation balance

Healing and regeneration

Immune system stimulation


"All I can say is, be wise, use healing sounds. I wish you all good health and fulfilling life".

DIP.AC.BRT Moran Even


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