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What is HTSF?

HEALTONE Sound Formula, or HTSF, is an advanced system of using sound-wave frequencies to heal illness frequency imbalance. Employing the best in modern sound technology, each HTSF provides a carefully calibrated set of frequencies designed to treat a specific disease or condition frequency.

Is HTSF a medical treatment?

Governmental regulations regarding holistic and alternative healing approaches, in several countries, require us to state the following: HTSF is not a medical or mental treatment and should not be used as a substitute for conventional health care, especially if you have specific symptoms that have been diagnosed by a physician, and if treatment has been recommended. If you suffer from any medical condition we recommend that you consult a medical doctor. Using HTSF should never,under any circumstances, prevent, delay, postpone or alter professional medical care. Please refer to our Non-Medical statement.

Is HTSF Safe?

HTSF is a non-invasive and completely safe method. Frequency-based treatment is approved by the US administration for relief of chronic and acute pain. All HTSF programs operate in frequency ranges similar to the approved models. Of course, the most important factor in healing sound-frequency is the precise combination of sounds; however, from a safety point of view, all combinations employed by HTSF are within the approved frequency ranges and are completely safe.

For how long, and how often should I listen to the HTSF?

In most cases, HTSF is used for five minutes, twice daily. With some conditions, we advise longer sessions, repeated several times a day. We provide complete user instructions when you download your sound formula.

How fast does HTSF work?

HTSF begins to have an effect as soon as the session begins.

How long HTSF should be used for?

The amount of time required to achieve the desired effect varies with different individuals and conditions. Sometimes frequency balancing is achieved within days; at other times, it may take months. Reaching frequency balancing with chronic and acute conditions might require long term usage.

My HTSF runs only for few seconds. How can I play it for the required time?

You need to play your HTSF in a LOOP or REPEAT mode: Set your media player or MP3 player to LOOP or REPEAT mode. It will automatically replay the program. Stop the session after the required time. To switch to a LOOP/REPEAT mode on a computer with Windows Media Player©, please press Ctrl-T. To switch to a LOOP/REPEAT mode on other media players, please consult their on-line help. To switch to a LOOP/REPEAT mode on an MP3 player, please consult the user manual.

How do I listen to the sounds?

We generally recommend listening for five minutes, twice a day. Your audio device should be set on the repeat cycle so that the sounds will run continuously without interruption. We include very clear and easy-to-read user instructions with every HTSF purchase. The instructions contain information on how to use your HTSF, including such questions as how often and how long to play your program, the correct volume level, and setting your audio device.

Is a special sound system required?

No. Normal headphones or earphones are usually sufficient, as long as they are of reasonably good quality.

Can HTSF be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes. HTSF can be used in conjunction with any other form of treatment. Moreover,We strongly urge you not to discontinue or change any other treatments without first consulting your physician or care provider. Please refer to our Non-Medical statement.

Are there any known side-effects to HTSF?

No known side-effects have been reported as a result of using HTSF. We do recommend maintaining a moderate volume at a comfortable level, as you would with any audio device, in order to prevent hearing injury.

Is HTSF suitable for every illness?

HTSF products are designed to interact with the frequency of a wide range of illnesses and conditions. We currently offer HTSF programs for more than 1,200 different physical and mental conditions. We also offer products for improving general well being, increasing vitality, and aiding relaxation. Please refer to our Non-Medical statement.

Is HTSF suitable for every age?

There are no age or gender restrictions for using HTSF.

How do you protect my privacy?

How do I find the right product for my illness or condition?
You can use the easy to use illness/condition search tool right here...

Why is there a difference in the audibility of the sounds?

Some sound formulas contain sounds with frequencies that lie very close to the limit of human hearing. When sounds with low frequencies are being played, it may seem that there is almost no sound. However, these barely audible sounds have the same valuable healing effects as sounds in the middle or higher range.

Do these sounds have an effect on everyone?

HTSFs are carefully tailored to the sound frequencies of specific illnesses. Approximately 95% of all properly diagnosed individuals will receive the expected effect.

Is it enough to simply use one HTSF product?

For each specific condition, there is a corresponding HTSF product, beneficial for that condition only.

Why do HTSF files differ in their size and in the number of sounds?

Each HTSF is uniquely adapted to a specific illness, symptom, or condition. Some HTSF’s carry a single sound frequency, while others contain a series of more than twenty different frequencies. However, all HTSF products have the same benefit regardless of the number of frequencies they contain.

Can more than one HTSF be used simultaneously?

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Yes. In fact, we sometimes recommend using more than one HTSF product at the same time. For example, one HTSF product can be used for a specific symptom or illness, while a second product can be usedfor another symptom or illness, orfor strengthening the immune system. We recommend a ten- minute interval between using different HTSF programs.


Please refer to our non-medical statement