Dr._galina_Merline_1.jpg Healtone’s product manager is Dr.Galina Merline, a specialist physicist, researcher, and developer in the field of sound waves. Dr.Merline  has spent over twenty years studying the precise nature of sound frequencies and their specific impacts. To ensure their accuracy and effectiveness, all healtone's sound  formulas (HTSF) are produced under the strict supervision of Dr. Merline.

EQUIPMENT.jpgBased on  Dr. Royal Rife's M.O.R method (Mortal Oscillatory Rate), and cutting edge light and resonance therapies, used by leading vibration therapy clinics around the world,  each sound formula is precisely calibrated for a specific illness. It requires the delicate intoning of thousands of sounds to arrive at the exact sound-frequency formula. Then it must pass through a rigorous testing process before it is finally released. Please refer to uor "knowledge and fact" page.

HEALTONE_LAB_2.jpgEvery healtone's  sound-formula- HTSF- has a unique length and  interval, corresponding precisely to the condition it is designed to treat. Each sequence has a unique waveform (sine, square, or triangular), pitch, sweep band length and number of bits per second. All this ensures the precise and full effect of each HTSF.

Store_and_play_on_any_device.jpgHTSF can be stored and play  on almost all sound devices:  PC+Mac; MP3/4; Most cellphones; CD; Iphone; Ipod; Ipad; USB etc.  

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