HEALTONE Healing sound formulas, is a US-based international company, focused exclusively on the creation of healing sound formulas for users around the world. Since its establishment in 2007, Healtone has brought its unique solution to thousands of clients around the globe through effective techniques and profound research.

The Healtone method is based both on alternative healing methods and conventional medical ones, delivering together the unique effects of Healtone's healing sound formulas. (Read more).


Sound Healing Researchers:

Moran_Even.Dip.Ac.2.jpgHealtone's   proffesional consultant is  Moran Even (Dip.Ac.Brt) The director of the leading acupuncture, bio-resonance and frequency healing clinic with an international reputation in the field of frequency healing. our company’s products, The Healtone Sound Formulas (HTSF) are the most advanced sound frequency healing technologies used by the leading vibration therapy clinics around the world.


Healtone healing sound Formulas (HTSF) are based on The frequency healing method developed by Dr. Royal Rife , together with cutting edge biofeedback systems and proven light and resonance therapies, implemented and delivered via Healtone's state of the art sound frequency technology, under the strict supervision of Healtone's product manager Dr. Galina Merline




At Healtone we believe in addressing the deepest causes of physical and mental imbalance, while avoiding harm to the body's natural systems. In fact, these very systems are enhanced by the application of HTSF. Healtone is the first company to offer a secure online store for the purchase of frequency-based healing sounds. HEALTONE offers unique sound formulas for more than 1,200 different diagnoses, along with general healing sounds for better health.

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The use of sound for healing is not new; however, thanks to pioneering technology, it is now possible to benefit from the healing properties of sound around the world, on-line, at affordable prices and in the convenience of one's own home. All HTSF (Healtone sound formulas) can be stored and run on most sound devices: PC+Mac; MP3/4; Most cellphones; CD; Iphone; Ipod; Ipad; USB etc.

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