Healing Sounds for J

HTSF_wave.jpgHealTone sound formulas (HTSF) restore the balance in the frequencies of the diseases/disorders listed below, and hence enable the body to return to a healthy equilibrium. Using HealTone sound formula for five minutes, twice daily, will, in most cases, start bringing about the desirable balancing effect within few days. An email with clear and specific usage instructions will follow your purchase.


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  • Jaundice
    Also known as: icterus.Excess bile pigments (bilirubin) in the bloodstream and tissues, causing a...

  • Jealousy
    The Jealousy sound formula is designed to balance the biological elements involved in creating and/or...

  • jet lag
    Also known as: desynchronosis , flight fatigue. A temporary disorder, a disruption of the internal body...

  • Jock itch
    Also known as: Tinea cruris, eczema marginatum.Growth of fungus in the warm, moist area of the groin...

  • Joint inflammation
    Also known as: Articulation inflamation, Articulatio inflamation.Inflammation of the Joint- the site of...

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